Chris Wills

Chris Wills is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from New Jersey. This site contains original music, music videos, photos, news, and touring information about where you can see Chris Wills live.

Credits: "This Place Ain't For Me" Ep

Producer/Engineer: Koby Hass

Engineer: Gina Vosti

Engineer: Max Berman

Engineer: Evan Johnson

Photography/Art Direction: Shervin Lainez

Design/Art Direction: Brendan Walter

Director: Ameer Kazmi

Art Direction/Styling: Chris Wills

Publicity: Krista Mettler | Skye Media

Legal: Cassandra Spangler, Esq.

All songs written and performed by Chris Wills

"Big thanks to Elizabeth Astor, Alex Echevarria, Godfred Sedano, Anthony Carella, and the rest of the crew and actors that made the "Since You Said Goodbye" video happen. Between the air mattresses and sleeping on floors, the torrential down pours, getting the equipment, the lack of sleep and finding locations, I almost thought we weren't going to make it!!!  And thanks for all the support and continued love I've been getting. This songwriting thing is super crazy and I love waking up everyday not knowing what may pop out of my head next. Can't wait to put out the next one <3 :)" -Chris Wills


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